The Lyndhurst Foundation identifies and invests in initiatives, institutions, people and programs that contribute to the long-term livability and resilience of the greater Chattanooga region.

The Foundation will accomplish this mission by focusing its efforts on education, conservation,

arts, culture, economy, urban design and development, neighborhood revitalization, and

physical health. The intent is to have a positive influence on our region’s:

Living – how we create thriving communities that are unique, desirable, economically viable, and of enduring quality;

Working – how we foster robust and innovative job creation;

Playing – how we create ways in which we can relax, unwind, compete and otherwise enjoy our leisure time;

Learning – how we prepare our children and ourselves to understand and relate to the world around us and to meet the demands of the workplace;

Movement – how we create modes of transportation for moving efficiently around our community in ways that conserve resources;

Fuel – how we fuel our infrastructure, our buildings, our vehicles and feed ourselves in manners that are sensible and efficient;

Stewardship – how we nurture a culture committed to conserving the natural resources that underpin our quality of life and our ability to accommodate future generations