Grants / Applications


Lyndhurst grants are distributed primarily at the initiative of the foundation through the cultivation of strategic partnerships with nonprofit organizations which have the demonstrated capacity and leadership to engender positive and measurable outcomes within the foundation’s declared areas of interest. Unsolicited proposals will not be eligible for consideration.

Application Procedure

Potential partners will be invited to submit grant proposals that: 1) describe the program of work to be undertaken; 2) indicate the desired level of funding; 3) list the results that should be achieved; and 4) define the means by which the project outcomes will be evaluated. 

The narrative section of the proposal should be limited to three pages and include the following attachments:

A description of the sponsoring organization
A list of the board of directors and staff
A copy of the organization’s annual budget (both income and expenditures)
An estimated project budget with line items
A copy of the organization’s tax-exempt ruling from the Internal Revenue Service

Meeting Schedule and Deadlines

Lyndhurst conducts quarterly board meetings which typically occur in February, May, August and November. Proposals are due six weeks in advance of the board meeting dates. Program staff will be available to work with applicants to ensure that materials are delivered on a timely basis and in the required format.

2016 Board Meetings 
  Meeting Date         Proposal Deadlines    
February 22 December 31 
May 16 March 31 
August 22  June 30
November 11  September 30

Further Information

For further information, please contact Catherine Cox at (423)756-0767.